Caret Workflows

Caret Workflows in the Obsidian


Start Generation Here A Caret Workflow is essentially a chain of prompts that can be executed either in parallel or linearly. This allows users to run a structured process against inputs.

Parallel Workflows

In a parallel workflow, all prompts are run simultaneously on the same input.

  • Allows asking the same set of questions each time.
  • Outputs are added to the canvas. From there you could use the Canvas Prompt command to synthesize if needed,
  • Enables continuation down any branches of the conversation.
  • Examples:
    • Researchers can run a pre-scripted set of prompts on a paper and get a quick overview of the main points.
    • Run against a meeting transcript to get a quick summary of the main points, todo items, etc

Linear Workflows

In a linear workflow, prompts are executed sequentially, similar to a pre-scripted conversation.

  • Useful for tasks where you want to "process" an input in a specific way.
  • Examples:
    • Writing documentation from a Loom video transcript.

Creating Workflows

You can create a workflow using the Create New Workflow command. Or you can even convert a canvas conversation into a linear workflow using the Create Linear Workflow from Canvas command.

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