Referencing Vault Content

How to reference your Obsidian Vault Content from within the Caret Chat.

Referencing Files in Chat:

  • You can reference Markdown and PDF files in chat, with more options coming soon.
  • Within the chat window, type @ to initiate a search across all files in your vault.
  • Locate and click on the desired file to insert it into the chat.
  • This should all be keyboard friendly.

Creating Custom Commands

Because you can reference Markdown files, you can create any sort of custom chat commands you want. These essentially become pre-saved prompts for you. For example, you can have a summarized prompt saved in a Markdown file, and by referencing that file with @, you can quickly get a summary of the conversation thus far.

For example, I have the following saved as I can easily insert it into a conversation and get a complete summary of what has been discussed so far.

Review the conversation thus far. 
Summarize and condense the conversation. 
Don't lose any keypoints, but also be brief with your language.


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