Canvas System Prompts

How to use system prompts in Caret Canvas

System Prompts

System prompts are a way to provide guidance to the Large Language Models (LLMs) on how to use the information provided.

Setting a System Prompt for a Canvas Conversation

  1. Write the System Prompt: For a node, write in what you want the system prompt to be.
  2. Activate the System Prompt: Click the wand icon, then click the computer icon (hover to see "system prompt"). This changes the role for that node to be the system prompt.
  3. Link in Conversation: You can link this node anywhere in the conversation. It will be used as a system prompt.

Canvas System Prompt Caveats

  • Multiple System Prompts: If you have multiple system prompts attached to the same conversation, only one of them will be used.
  • Override Global Prompts: The system prompt set in this way will override system prompts that are set at the global level from the "set system prompt" command.


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