Chat Overview

Caret Chat in the Obsidian


Caret Chat works similarly to other chat applications. It understands your current conversation but does not have the capability to access information beyond that.


  • File Referencing: Reference additional files by typing the @ sign followed by the file name in quotes or a code block. This will insert a PDF or another markdown file.
  • Chat Logs Stored Locally: Chat logs are stored locally. You can use the native Obsidian search to search across all of your conversations.
  • Continue Conversations: Use the Continue Conversation command from the command palette to continue a conversation. This command should be run when you have a chat log file open.


  • No Internet Access: It cannot browse the internet.
  • No Code Interpreter: There is no code interpreter available.
  • No Images: Chat currently does not support images but that will change soon!


  • Chat is still a work in progress, and we are planning to improve its aesthetics significantly.

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