Caret Commands

Caret Commands

The commands available in Caret. These are used from the Obsidian Command Palette.


These commands are accessible from the Command Palette in Obsidian. They are all prefixed by Caret:

Canvas Commands Documentation

Set System Prompt

  • Description: Can be used anywhere.
  • Function: Applies a general system prompt that will be used for all models and all providers, both in the chat and canvas. If a more specific system prompt is set elsewhere, it will override this one.
  • Note: This feature will probably continue to evolve.

Create New Workflow

  • Description: Opens up a blank workflow editor.
  • Function: Allows you to create a new workflow.

Create Linear Workflow from Canvas

  • Description: Usable if you have an ongoing conversation.
  • Function: Allows you to select that conversation and create a workflow from it.

Canvas Prompt

  • Description: Usable within the canvas.
  • Function: Allows you to select notes or nodes on the canvas and use them as context for a single chat message. Generates a new note approximately where the selected notes were.

Continue Chat

  • Description: Usable from a chat logs page. These chat logs are the ones that are stored in the caret/chats folder by default.
  • Function: Allows you to continue the conversation.

Edit Workflow

  • Description: Usable within a workflow markdown file. These workflows are stored in the caret/workflows folder by default.
  • Function: Allows you to continue editing a workflow.

Add Custom Models

  • Description: Opens up a screen to add custom models.
  • Function: Complete the required questions to add a custom model.

Remove Custom Models

  • Description: Allows you to remove custom models that you are no longer using.
  • Function: Deletes custom models.

Inline Editing

  • Description: Usable within a markdown file.
  • Function: This command enables you to do inline editing. You use the command by selecting content that you want to use as context, then run the command. A dialogue will appear with the selected content and a text box for you to enter your prompt. You can choose to replace the selected content with the output of the prompt, or add the output to the selected content. After the prompt is run it will display the suggested changes. Use the Apply Inline Changes command to accept the changes.

Apply Inline Changes

  • Description: Accepts changes provided by the inline editing command.
  • Function: Applies the changes.

Insert Note

  • Description: Usable in a chat window.
  • Function: Inserts a block reference to a file, allowing you to search your files and insert them into a chat.

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