Getting Started

Getting Started with Caret

Welcome to Caret!

Caret is an Obsidian Plugin built by me (Jake Colling)! It's a local-first, privacy preservering way to use LLMs within your Obsidian vault to accelerate your work.

Caret is currently in closed alpha with over 200 users. I'm working on completing features and fixing bugs in prep for a general release.


  • All features built in Caret are designed to work locally.


  • Caret does not currently and will never collect any data from Caret users. Every feature is privacy preserving. If you opt to use external LLMs (Like OpenAI, Groq, Anthropic, Google) then that data is subject to the relevant LLM providers policies. All requests are made with your own API keys.


  • AI Canvas: Use LLMs within the Obsidian Canvas. Explore non-linear conversations, summarize/synthesize collections of notes, use prefined workflows and more.
  • Workflows: Save parallel and linear prompts. These can easily be re-run and use any of your notes as input.
  • Chat: Chat within LLMs directly in Obsidian. All input and outputs of chat are saved locally as markdown files. Making them immediately searchable with Obsidians default search functionality.

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