Your personal acceleration loop.

Caret is an AI Plugin for Obsidian

AI Canvas

Use LLMs in the Obsidian Canvas for non-linear chat and more.


Chat directly in Obsidian. Reference other files in your vault. All chat logs are stored as vault files.

Use Any LLMs

Use Caret with local or remote LLMs. Caret has built in support for Ollama, OpenAI, Anthropic, Groq, OpenRouter and you can add any additional models yourself.

Caret Keeps to the Obsidian Philosophy

Local First

All features in Caret are built local first. You can use the plugin fully off-line.

File over App

All the data Caret generates is stored as simple markdown files in your Obsidian vault. That means everything you create is accessible via Obsidian search, and you fully own the inputs and outputs.

Privacy Preserving

Caret doesn't touch your data. It doesn't log telemetry, it doesn't even have a server. Your data is only sent to the LLM providers that you choose to use.


Caret is a free Obsidian plugin. You can use it within the Obsidian Desktop app. Obsidian is a free app for personal use. Caret does not have a mobile version.
Currently Caret does not have a mobile version. I have not decided yet if there will be a moble version or not. Any purchases made now should be under the assumption that there will not be a mobile version.
Caret is a side project on top of my full-time job at Athena Intelligence. Caret is open source so anyone can contribute to it. I'll be making improvements to it for as long as I use it for. There are no committments on the speed of development.
That depends on your computer! You need a pretty powerful computer to run an LLM. If this is a concern for you I would try running a model with ollama (or similar) before you purchase Caret. If you can't run models locally, you can still use remote LLMs with your own API keys.

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